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About Me

I am an integrative psychodynamic therapist who employs evidence-based interventions to support my patients in developing a grounding sense of identity, a meaningful life with purpose, and fulfilling interpersonal relationships. The therapeutic process, in part, entails an exploration of early attachment, stressors and adversity, coping mechanisms, patterns in relating to others, and internal conflicts. My approach involves consideration of psychological distress in relation to social identity, self-esteem, and the fundamental human need for belongingness.

I specialize in complex developmental trauma and emergence of related difficulties in late adolescence or adulthood. I provide assessment and treatment for personality, mood, anxiety, dissociative, and psychotic disorders. Areas of particular interest include the intersect between mood and psychosis, borderline personality, and chronic suicidal ideation. 


Every therapeutic relationship has a unique dynamic that serves as the cornerstone for insight driven self-discovery and change. Compassion, empathy, and intuitive understanding are at the heart of my clinical practice.​ The therapy room is a sacred place for healing. It is my intention for you to feel heard, respected, and cared for.


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